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Extra Form
시작일 2015-11-05
장소 홍대 Strange Fruit, 서울
주최 영기획
입장료 15000
라인업 Dark on Tuesdays (Norway)
Kernelstrip (Korea)
Flash Flood Darlings (New Zealand / Korea)

2015년 11월 5일 8시 홍대 Strange Fruit에서 아름답고 서정적인 일렉트로닉 음악을 연주하는 노르웨이 밴드 Dark On Tuesdays의 공연이 열립니다. 한국의 아름답고 서정적인 일렉트로닉 음악 밴드 Flash Flood Darlings와 커널스트립 - Kernelstrip가 함께 합니다. 입장료 15,000원에 공연때 마시면 좋을 음료를 함께 드립니다. 

"Dark on Tuesdays music is rootless and restless, crossing and combining elements of many different musical styles that makes it hard to place them in any one genre. All over is where the Norwegian/English duo seems to want to be.

Not committing to a certain style or following any sort of recipe they try to make their music and every show unique and continuously experiment, co-operate and learn, never allowing themselves or the music to get too comfortable.

Their music reflects this unease and hits a nerve that triggers cinematic memories of your own experiences. And that seems to be what Dark on Tuesdays want to do at their shows, to shyly share their dark days behind a screen of visuals and give their audience the chance to reflect on their own.”

2015.11.5. (Thu)
@Strange Fruit

Line Up
Dark on Tuesdays (Norway)
Kernelstrip (Korea)
Flash Flood Darlings (New Zealand / Korea)

Door:15,000 W (1 Free Drink)

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