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Perplexity Pulse is up & a go, what better way to signify this than with a free download. Joining us from Seoul, we have the incredible Socket Bomb delivering this marvelololis freebie titled 'With You' for all you wonderful folks. With quality releases on labels such as Discovery Music Records & Heavy Bubble, we are ecstatic to have him on board with us with gem like this!

'With You' starts off as sweet & light, building up an atmosphere that boast warms sounds, further proven by the gorgeous piano lines that play along. What better way than to prepare us for the cold winter nights than with a production as tender & riveting as this. The stunning melodies infect us whilst the retro style of the percussions provides something to kick back to. There is a subtle beauty of this track which lies within the balance of the magical build up, it bursts into that feel good aura of enjoying life's simple moments with the one who you resonate with the most.

We hope you all enjoy this lush free download & feel as content as we did whilst enjoying it running through our ears. The simplistic combination of floating textures & alluring sounds really brings together the best of this genre. So stay tuned for plenty more of this here at Perplexity Pulse, it's the beginning of something so wondrous that we can't even begin to express the exciting times that lay ahead. Text by: Hazra Begum

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