KAIROS - Orbit

ESCAPE 2015-11-13 02:22:35

Mellow Muse Music의 첫번째 프로젝트!!
KAIROS의 새 앨범 Mid Nite Blu가 밴드캠프에 먼저 공개 되었습니다!
밴드캠프에서 모든 곡을 먼저 들어보실 수 있어요!

This is KAIROS (White Rain, lluvia)
new album title song 'Orbit' from "Mid NIte Blu".
You can get it Mellow Muse Music Bandcamp first and korea music store and will be itunes on october 7th.

Official Website : www.Mellowmusemusic.com

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Exclusive Produced by Mellow Muse Music

Cover Designed by Urban Romantic City (@urcbeatz)

Produced by KAIROS
Composed & Arranged by White Rain, lluvia, Simple Place
Computer Programming by lluvia
Keyboard & Acoustic Piano by White Rain
Mixed & Mastered by Mellow Muse Music

2015. Mellow Muse Music

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