Composed by Melody Nieun
Lyrics by Melody Nieun
Mixed by Ju Hyun Lee (XYZ)
Mastered by Joel Kerr (G and J Studio)


Download available on iTunes
멜론 http://www.melon.com
네이버뮤직 http://music.naver.com
엠넷 http://mnet.interest.me/index.asp
벅스 http://www.bugs.co.kr
지니 http://www.genie.co.kr
올레 http://www.ollehmusic.com
소리바다 http://www.soribada.com
몽키3 http://www.monkey3.co.kr
그루버스 http://www.groovers.kr/main
비트 http://www.beatpacking.com
앙코르 http://www.mcras.co.kr

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Attack DK - Big Microphone ft.Real Kraz ESCAPE 2016.05.11
Aseul (아슬) - Fisher ESCAPE 2016.05.09
AK47 & Ryuk Kelevra Joe - Get Em' All (Official Music Video) ESCAPE 2016.04.05
mcthfg - Deep Groove ESCAPE 2016.03.21
Deep Groove ESCAPE 2016.02.16
[M/V] Saebyeok (새벽) - Oblivion (Original ver) ESCAPE 2016.02.10
[M/V] POLARFRONT (폴라프런트) - Reflection ESCAPE 2016.01.04
Glam Gould - Sorry, Mama I'm In Seoul ESCAPE 2016.01.01
KIRARA "moves" teaser ESCAPE 2015.12.29
[Official M/V]We Are Raver-Nameless.NL X JAE X Chillcat ESCAPE 2015.12.21
Melody Nieun (멜로디 니은) - Two of Us ESCAPE 2015.12.21
Slowly Speaker-1950.6.25(Korean War) ESCAPE 2015.12.17
Muya (無夜) - Decoy Raven ESCAPE 2015.12.17
KAIROS - Orbit ESCAPE 2015.11.13
lluvia - Flightless ESCAPE 2015.11.13
Private video ESCAPE 2015.11.05
Socket Bomb - With You (Original Mix) [Perplexity Pulse] // Free Download ESCAPE 2015.11.04
Shirosky(시로스카이) La lecture #002 From Earth ESCAPE 2015.11.02
dyI'mon - Indifference ESCAPE 2015.10.23
[MV] 텔레포니스트(Telefonist) - Another Day (Official Music Video) ESCAPE 2015.10.08